The following standard components are currently available with Saddler .05. You can use our Component Template to easily import them for use in your project. To use other components, just email us.


Creates a durable eyelet in leather or joins layers up to .1" total thickness
Through-hole diameter: .156", outline diameter: .323"


Joins layers between .15" - .2" total thickness
Through-hole diameter: .1", outline diameter: .222"

Chicago Screw

chicago screw
Joins layers .375"- .5". Removable.
chicago screw
Through-hole diameter: .156", outline diameter: .341"


Creates a flap closure using hardware on both adjoining surfaces.
flap snap
Flap-side: through-hole diameter: .136", outline diameter: .316
body snap
Body-side: through-hole diameter: .08", outline diameter: .282"


Closure for flaps using the leather itself as part of the closure. Best suited to 5 oz or heavier leather.
body stud
Body-side: through-hole diameter: .097", outline diameter: .286"
flap stud
Flap-side: through-hole: .142" diameter with .142" spur, outline diameter: .235"

Watch Buckle

watch buckle
Classic watch buckle. Available for strap widths 16, 18, 20, and 22mm.

Watch Loop

watch strap loop
Holds excess strap length. Available for strap widths: 16, 18, 20, and 22mm.

Split ring

split ring
Attaches to fobs to keys or tags to luggage.

Adhesive Backing

Moisture resistant, clean release adhesive back for attaching leather to electronics or other smooth materials.