Saddler Design Guide


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Saddler Version 0.5

Saddler is a design specification we built that uses vector files and digital manufacturing to make it easier to create beautiful leathercraft products.

You can design for Saddler in any software that can save in SVG format, including Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Inkscape.

When you send us a file using Saddler, we can quickly generate a quote for the project and interpret assembly instructions given minimal additional input.

We and our manufacturing partners produce the product in batches of 1 – 100 and ship it out.

Getting Started

Step 1: Browse our offerings

To get an idea of what we can do, start with out Materials page. We use environmentally responsibly vegetable tanned leather available in a wide range of colors and weights.

Then check out our Operations page. We use a combination of digital and conventional manufacturing operations that allow for a great deal of design freedom.

Finally, look at our Components page. These are anything that goes into a project that isn’t thread or leather and we have a number of components available from stock.

Step 2: Start a design

You have three options when starting your design:

  1. Open up a vector drawing program and make your own design from scratch using the styles on our Operations page.
  2. Start with one of our Sample Files and modify it any way you like.
  3. If you have them, you can send us your physical templates and we can digitize them for free.

Step 3: Make a paper prototype

Especially with new designs, it always helps to check proportions and function with a cheap physical prototype. For leathercraft items, paper printed at 100% scale from the design file, then cut out and taped or glued works great.

Step 4: Order a production-quality prototype

When you’re ready, send us your design file or physical templates. We’ll quickly get you a quote on volumes 1-100 and can make an affordable prototype using our standard materials.

 Step 5: Go into production!

Once you’re satisfied with your prototype, you can place a batch order and go into production using any of our standard or custom materials.